AQ - Antarctica

AQ is the 2-letter ISO3166 code for Antarctica and ".aq" is the internet "country" domain for the Antarctic.


Latitude Technologies then Latitude Solutions were founded upon extensive experience in various aspects of

  • Antarctic research;
  • Management and support of this research; and
  • governance, management and protection of the Antarctic region.

This involved a wide range of projects encompassing field-work, research, education and international relations.

We continue to apply to our work and incorporate in our solutions the Antarctic spirit and values, and in particular those of:

  • Collaborative governance;
  • Consensus decision making;
  • Collaborative work and pooling of resources; and
  • Open sharing of information.

For more information on the Antarctic Treaty System, its spirit and values, you can visit the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat's web site at www.ats.aq.

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